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Nanotechnology delivers hepatitis B vaccine

Brazilian and European researchers have demonstrated exactly how a nanotechnology-based compound delivers an oral vaccine against hepatitis B to the immune system. When particles containing silica and an antigen combine, ...

Physicists have revealed new properties of Yakutia diamonds

TSU physicists, working with scientists from Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Germany and Korea, have discovered new nanomechanical properties of diamonds mined at the Skalnoe deposit of the Popigai astrobleme. Using a combination ...

Will your future computer be made using bacteria?

In order to create new and more efficient computers, medical devices, and other advanced technologies, researchers are turning to nanomaterials: materials manipulated on the scale of atoms or molecules that exhibit unique ...

Organic porous structures on 2-D defect networks

NUS scientists have developed a method for self-assembly of hexagonal organic porous structures on molybdenum diselenide (MoSe2) film to create ordered nanostructures.

Carbon nanotube tape stays sticky in extreme temperatures

In very hot or cold environments, conventional tape can lose its stickiness and leave behind an annoying residue. But while most people can avoid keeping taped items in a hot car or freezer, those living in extreme environments ...

Vitamin C is key to protection of exciting new nanomaterial

In work that could open a floodgate of future applications for a new class of nanomaterials known as MXenes (pronounced "Maxines"), researchers from Texas A&M University have discovered a simple, inexpensive way to prevent ...

On-demand control of terahertz and infrared waves

The ability to control infrared and terahertz waves using magnetic or electric fields is one of the great challenges in physics that could revolutionise opto-electronics, telecommunications and medical diagnostics. A theory ...

X-rays reveal monolayer phase in organic semiconductor

A team of researchers from Russia, Germany, and France, featuring materials scientists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, has investigated how the electrical properties of dihexyl-quarterthiophene thin films ...

Antigravity water transport system inspired by trees

Efficiently moving water upward against gravity is a major feat of human engineering, yet one that trees have mastered for hundreds of millions of years. In a new study, researchers have designed a tree-inspired water transport ...

Left out to dry: A more efficient way to harvest algae biomass

A team at the University of Tsukuba introduced a new procedure of harvesting energy and organic molecules from algae using nanoporous graphene and porous graphene foams. By developing a reusable system that can evaporate ...

'Digital alchemy' to reverse-engineer new materials

In work that upends materials design, researchers have demonstrated with computer simulations that they can design a crystal and work backward to the particle shape that will self-assemble to create it.

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