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Huawei accuses US of cyberattacks, coercing employees

Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei accused U.S. authorities on Wednesday of attempting to break into its information systems and of trying to coerce its employees to gather information on the company.

Telegram secretly plans 'Gram' cryptocurrency

Working in secrecy for a year, the Telegram messaging service has a plan: to beat Facebook in the race to launch a cryptocurrency with its new project "Gram".

European mobile payment systems team up

Seven European mobile payment systems on Tuesday said they are joining forces to better develop cross-border contactless payments. The move is seen as an attempt to create a regional standard for smartphone payments that ...

Huawei denies US allegations of technology theft

Beleaguered Chinese telecom giant Huawei on Tuesday denied accusations reported in the Wall Street Journal that it stole technology from a Portuguese inventor, accusing him of "taking advantage of the current geopolitical ...

Could cryptocurrency dethrone the dollar?

Bank of England governor Mark Carney has suggested that a virtual currency, modelled on Facebook's Libra, could one day replace the dollar as king of the foreign exchange market.

Apple loosens grip on iPhone repair work

Apple on Thursday said it will begin supplying parts and training to independent repair shops, offering more options to service for devices made by the California tech giant.

Ma vs Musk: tech tycoons spar on future of AI

Jack Ma believes artificial intelligence poses no threat to humanity, but Elon Musk called that "famous last words" as the billionaire tech tycoons faced off Thursday in an occasionally animated debate on futurism in Shanghai.

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